Wednesday, August 25, 2010

How to save a friend

Unfortunately, this isn't an instruction blog.  That song gets me everytime when it comes to the dogs I love.  And it's doing it to me now.

Jigger is on Day 3 of his 10 day mandatory bite quarantine.  I was in the play yard with another dog and he was in one of the "off limits to volunteers" pens down a hill facing the yard.  I heard his bark and looked down and saw that he was barking to me.  When I talked to him he sat down with his ears up, tail wagging, listening.  And when I stopped he barked to me again.

It is highly likely the end of this quarantine will mark the end of his life.  I'm trying to influence those that make the decision -- 4 out of 6 must sign off...and unfortunately I think I can only get one on his side, 2 if I'm very lucky.  The rest don't know him at all.  They just know that they heard he bit someone and no one seems to know the details of this bite if it even occured at all.

I'm not saying his new (and now former) owner lied.  The thing is, Jig has to get to know someone before he gets lovey dovey with them.  People have to earn his trust; he doesn't give it blindly.  But when they have it, he's devoted.  If his new owner was trying to move too fast, if he was looking for an immediate cuddler....well, if Jigger was scared, that could have made him defensive.  He was only there a week.

He is such a good dog.  One of the best behaved at the shelter.  In the months and months he's been at the shelter, he's never so much as growled at anyone, let alone bit anyone.  His leash manners are outstanding.    I just want him to have a chance.  A chance that a dog savvy person might adopt him and give him the time he needs to trust.  I want him to have a chance to live.

How do you save a friend?  If I only knew...

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