Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Jigger's mandatory quarantine is over and he's still with us....for now.  The entire dog staff is on his side; unfortunately only one of them has sign off power.  Turns out, his new owner gave him a big bear hug while he was eating.  Come on!  That's the time you think is appropriate for a bear hug?

I have hope because he's still here....but he's still in staff only and not up for adoption.  The staff tells me it's quieted down a little and they're hoping the fuss will just fade.  They did let me go down and see him tonight and he was the same ole happy go lucky Jigger even with the limited socialization he's been getting.  He was jumping up on the door with an "aren't you here to spring me?" look.  Then he rolled over onto his back for a good belly rub....which was hard to do through the cage.

I can understand how rescuers/shelters can start making it difficult to adopt.  Another long-termer got adopted tonight and as I was talking to the family I was listening for any cues that would make me think they'd end up bringing her back. Which was silly since their dog that they adopted from us 8 years ago just passed away.  But I do get nervous now because of what happened with Jigger.  I have to remind myself that's the exception, not the rule....even though we have quite a few who were returns.  Over the weekend, I met people who  adopted one of my all time favorite dogs who were in looking for a playmate for her.  They showed me pics of her now and she's being spoiled rotten. :)

We've really been moving them out lately and it feels so good.  But of course, as soon as once goes, a bunch more come in.

So many things to hope for.....
I hope Jigger gets a pardon and finds the RIGHT home.
I hope the special training we're getting for Snow, our deaf dog and longest resident helps her get the home she needs.
I hope people stop treating their furry family like used furniture that they can just toss out.
I hope more people spay and neuter.
I hope more people chose to adopt, rather than shop.
I hope bully breed dogs get rid of their bad rap.
I hope we truly become a no kill nation.

All I can do is hope and try to make it all happen...

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