Friday, September 17, 2010


The core group of volunteers that I belong to will each admit -- we're addicted.  We simply cannot stay away from the shelter we volunteer at.  No matter how frustrated we get, no matter what new silly rule is instituted, no matter how burnt out we may be feeling.

Once we get there, it's all over.  We get our fix of sloppy kisses, hugs, playtime, stress relief, and overwhelming joy when we find one a home.

And right now we're all in withdrawl.

I had NINE dogs lined up for a great offsite event and being able to get that many volunteers for a particular Saturday was a great triumph.  And then another 5 for an offsite next Saturday.

And then they closed the kennel.  Some dogs came down with kennel cough and they're being "overly cautious".  No volunteers, no adoptions, no offsites.

Now don't get me wrong, I don't want to take sick dogs out and expose them to the public.  But there are healthy dogs there and the sooner we can get them adopted out, the less likely they are to catch it too.  And there are people willing to adopt and/or foster even the sick dogs.

But the "no volunteers" thing is really making me crazy.  They can use our help more than ever.  Some of the staff have told us that it is taking them forever to get all the dogs walked, watered, fed, and bedded without us.

Two weeks of no dog volunteers...ughhh!  I took my own 3 rescues for really long separate walks (I usually take them together) to compensate and I love my babies, but I miss the shelter pups and I just imagine them cooped up with only short potty walks....

I've got some of our foster dogs lined up for offsites which will be good for them since they don't get seen as often, but this is such a missed opportunity for so many of the others.

The core group of volunteers is so wonderful.  This post took me forever to type and is probably so full of broken thoughts because while I'm typing it, one of them is IMing me and we're chatting about all the wonderful dogs that we've found homes for.  It makes the withdrawl we're all going through bearable.  It reminds us that we'll keeping finding them homes and that 2 weeks is not a lifetime.  Meanwhile, we'll promote our fosters and the shelter itself.  And some of us dog people will even help out with the cats!

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  1. Sounds like you love volunteering and the work and reason why you do it. That is really awesome. We need more people like you. Devoted, passionate, and always willing to go the extra mile for dogs. Thanks for all that you do.