Monday, October 25, 2010

Focusing on the positive

I think my posts to date are following a positive/negative back and forth.  So going with that, this one needs to be positive :)

First off, Ink's return has not been held against him and he is not in danger of being labeled "unadoptable".  Thank goodness!!!  I also believe that should that ever become the case, the shelter staff will contact me an allow me to adopt him.  Granted, that would not be the best scenario for Ink, my dogs or me, but we'd make it work.  But I am committed to finding him the RIGHT home!

My 2nd favorite dog who was adopted out the same day as Ink was also returned a week after he was.  This time the reason was divorce/separation.  Come on, you didn't see that coming 2 weeks ago when you adopted her?  And one of you couldn't keep her?  Okay, back to the positive.  I was really worried about this one because she was already on the "evaluate" list that we volunteers know as evaluate for being labeled "unadoptable" versus the evaluate for testing/training that it is claimed to be.  Ginger is a small pittie who got bullied by the lab she came in with (who was adopted out we so often see with the non-pitties).  She seems to compensate for being bullied by bullying other small dogs.  However, she easily redirects -- except in the case of one basset hound; she hates him with a passion for whatever reason!  And she is WONDERFUL with people.  She doesn't like being offleash, she likes the connection. She likes to be in your lap, cheek to cheek, hugging and held.  She LOVES kids.  They can climb all over her.  But having a small dog restriction and the fact that she's got food allergies and top it off with being a pittie...well, I was just thrilled when she finally got adopted.  The postive is, she was immediately put back on the available list, put back in the main kennel and is being her sweet self.  Because I already have a small dog who is dog aggressive himself, it would be a recipe for disaster if I ever needed to take her in.  But we'll find her the RIGHT home too!

So on to more positives.  First, I've been lax in posting because now I have taken on the responsibility of being volunteer coordinator.  Previously I was the volunteer events coordinator -- now I've got it all.  The positive is that another wonderful volunteer created a Shelter Improvement Team which she and I are leading and we've got an abundance of wonderful volunteers organized and making significant changes.  The energy and exuberance is just amazing.  My email overflowth with all the changes they are taking on, the ideas that they have and the actions they are taking.  It is truly inspiring.

Speaking of inspiring, I did have another feel good adoption (I'm scared to type about it, lest I get a text message that she gets returned tomorrow!  No more jinxes!)  This time, for me, it wasn't so much the feel good about the dog, it was feel good about the adopter.  I really didn't know Roxy that well.  She was another volunteer's favorite, and I tend to focus on dogs that others haven't already focused on so that more of them get exposure.  But some folks were interested in her, and that volunteer wasn't there at the time so I brought her out and spent a bunch of time with the people.  The actual adopter was an elderly woman who had recently lost her ill husband who she had been taking care of for years.  She said she missed having someone to nuture.  In addition to being a very sweet woman, the other people with her were her brother and sister-in-law.  Her brother was very knowledgable about dogs, their behavior and training.  So while when the adopter took the leash and let Roxy pull her around, her brother took over and showed her how to be in control and vowed to help her.  Plus she's got a big fenced in backyard.  And Roxy likes to be a bit of a couch potato herself.  So I really feel like they are going to be wonderful for each other.

My third favorite dog was also adopted (essentially on the same day as the first two favorites) and I have no worries at all about him coming back.  He had to be neutered before he could go to his forever home and our shelter vet was on vacation for 10 days.  His new family came in EVERY day to visit him until they could finally bring him home.  I can envision him now curled up next to his 2 new greyhound family members who he instantly loved or more likely sleeping with one of the teen girls.  They were looking for a cuddlebug since the greyhounds were really not the lapdog type and Tubbs fit the bill immensely.  All you had to do was sit down and your lap would instantly disappear.  Tubbs was my easy adopt favorite.  No restrictions and a total lovey dovey dog.  They always go fast....pittie or not.

I've also been loaded up with volunteer orientations.  Our local colleges have animal clubs who come to volunteer and this semester they seem to be incredibly popular.  Besideds the clubs, I've got fraternities and sororities and a number of high school students who are doing projects for the shelter.  Orientations usually take up my entire time at the shelter though and then I don't get as much doggie time myself.  But this week I am orientation free, so I'll be getting all the sloppy kisses I desire.  And Sunday we'll be dressing them up in hula skirts and leis to prance around in a halloween parade....which is more great exposure for them!  Here's hoping November will be even more successful than October and tons of furry friends will be sleeping in their furever homes soon!


  1. It does sound exciting that so many people are wanting to be involved with volunteering.

  2. Just discovered your blog. As a fellow dog lover, I feel compelled to say thank you for all you're doing. I adopted my dog from a no-kill shelter almost nine years ago. With all your hard work, you're bringing great happiness to many people and pets.

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