Saturday, October 9, 2010

Oh Happy Day!

Today was a fantastic day for adoptions!  Not only were 8 adopted out, there's also additional 2 applications that I know of that are looking very good.  And, 2 of the dogs were my "focus" dogs and one of the apps is on my 3rd "focus" dog.  Time to pick my next 3!

One of the volunteers said again, "see, you're the good luck adoption charm!"  The thing is, my first streak of dogs was really on some easy adopts.  They were well behaved, no restrictions, incredibly friendly.  They just needed the exposure.  But today's two -- they were challenges.  The first (who's actually pictured above -- time to change my picture too :) couldn't go to a family with young children because he gets a little mouthy when he plays and he was brought back once before for nipping a child.  The second is a sweetheart, loves all people, loves to be held and hugged, loves kids.....but she had a big issue with little dogs even though she was pretty little herself.  She had come in with a bigger dog that used to bully her -- I think that was her way of compensating.  Anyway, her new momma was thrilled when I told her how she liked to be held and hugged and liked being on a leash better than off -- she likes the connection.  Her new family wanted a dog that would sleep in their bed and she's going to be thrilled to accomodate them!

There's still all kinds of people petty issues going on and I've just taken on even more responsibility because of it (hence the drought in my posts) but today was one of those days that really makes all the BS worthwhile.

I can't wait to see how many we get out the door and into their furever homes tomorrow!

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  1. I'm so happy for those dogs!!!! I am also a big dog person, I love them!!!! I used to volunteer at a shelter and I always wanted to bring them all home!
    -Garden Girl